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Redstone Offers Homes to Fit Every Taste

If you’re searching for a home that is conveniently located to everything but still has the peaceful, quiet atmosphere of rural living, Redstone’s lane custom homes are the perfect fit for you. From Redstone new home builder Broadview Homes, these properties emphasize community, creating a warm, friendly environment that all of its residents love.

High-Quality Construction

Redstone’s laned homes are designed for families that prefer a detached garage at the back of the property rather than at the front. This plan is ideal for those who prefer to keep the garage where it can’t be seen, highlighting the home’s exterior. Detached garages also direct traffic to the back of the home, with cars parked behind the house rather than in front of it.

With Redstone’s lane home builders, home buyers know they’ll get the highest-quality construction from a name Calgary residents know they can trust. These Calgary home builders believe in creating communities rather than homes, with an emphasis on providing large, connected green spaces to enjoy families to play and meet.

Options for Everyone

For home buyers interested in new laned property, the Redstone community provides a variety of options. Broadview Homes recognizes that homeowners are usually at very unique stages of their lives, from the young couple starting out to the retired couple looking for a neighborhood that will encourage relaxation.

When a customer is searching for new laned property, Broadview Homes first works to determine that customer’s specific needs. With so many choices, it’s easy to find a home that fits every buyer’s situation. Redstone Calgary is located near a wide variety of amenities, including the airport and Cross Iron Mall.

For homebuyers interested in settling in the Calgary area, Redstone is a great option. Not only does this new community offer easy access to shopping, businesses, and restaurants, but the community is rapidly growing, giving residents a place they can call home for many years.

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