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Ravenswood - Detached Garage , Airdrie

Ravenswood Includes Inviting Laned Properties

Ravenswood, located in Airdrie, has new laned property. These are the new homes Airdrie residents are looking for, featuring luxury house plans and lane custom homes from one of the best Airdrie home builders. Broadview Homes specialized in new house construction that meets the needs of today’s families, including open designs that let in plenty of light and bring families closer together.

Access to Amenities

With homes from one of the best Airdrie home builders, Ravenswood offers luxury house plans and access to all of the amenities. Ravenswood residents won’t have far to drive to access all the services they need. Best of all, the houses in Ravenswood are in an area that offers breathtaking mountain views and plenty of amenities nearby.

One reason these are the new homes Airdrie residents choose is that the community offers a playground with separate play areas, making it the ideal family home. Younger children can play with children their own age in the playground designed for Ravenswood’s youngest residents and older children have their own area to play.

Family Living

Ravenswood Airdrie features high-quality construction from Broadview homes, who provide a variety of floor plans to meet each family’s needs. With garages in the rear, families often get to know each other well, fostering a sense of community that strengthens the neighborhood. With so many two storey houses for sale, a family can find the perfect home in an area with friendly, hospitable neighbors.

The Ravenswood community will feature a selection of house styles, including Colonial, Tudor, Craftsman, and Prairie. With one of the top custom home builders in the area, each luxury home can be tailored to meet a family’s needs. With prices starting in the $470s, the 4 bedroom houses for sale in Ravenswood are a perfect fit for a family’s budget.

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